What if the size of the photos I provide do not match the print dimensions specified by you?

In majority of cases, we adjust the images you share to fit the print dimensions for the product. In the rare occasion that we cannot fit to the print dimension, we will reach out to you for an alternate photo.

How do you select the order of the photos for the photobook or calendar?

We randomly select the order of the photos, unless specifically mentioned in the comments section.

What if I want my photos to be in a particular order?

Rename the photos you share in the order you would like to have printed. E.g., for calendar – Jan, Feb, Mar would be good names. For photobooks, just numerals in ascending order would be good names.

What if I give more photos than the number you have specified?

We will randomly pick the necessary number of photos to match the specified number of photos.

What if I give you fewer photos than the number you have specified?

We will randomly duplicate few of the photos.

Do you post process the photos I share?

We do only minor colour and size correction to ensure the print is optimum. If you require extensive post processing of your images, please email or call us and we will help you out with it.

It is taking too long to upload my photos on your site. Is there an alternative?

To get the best print output, we require your high resolution images which are very large in size. The best approach is to upload these in full resolution either on Dropbox / Google Drive or similar such file sharing service and provide us the link. Images shared via Flickr & Picasa appear to decrease the resolution and hence are not recommended.

I don’t understand the “pack of” concept. If I want 10 photos of size 4in x 6in, what should I order?

4in x 6in photos are captured in the “Macro Photo Prints” category and are available in a pack of 25 photos. So you will need to order 1 quantity of a pack of 25.

What if I need fewer photos than highlighted in your pack?

Unfortunately, that is not possible today. We require a minimum of the pack quantity to be economically viable for our business.

Can I have different photos for each of the photo strips or photo prints pack?

Yes, absolutely.

What does the "No Customization Required" option mean?

This option is used in cases where you would like the product with the images as you see it. For example, for calendars, if you do not want customized but a generic template with high quality images, you can select this option.

Did not answer your questions? Email us at hello@clixicle.com and we will get back to you pronto.