Photo Prints & Frames

The possibilities with photo prints are endless. Other than the traditional print sizes and shapes, Clixicle now offers a variety of creative choices such as square prints, mini prints, polaroid prints, personalized photo bookmarks, photo wall strips and more! You can also get creative with the way you use our photo prints as well – make your own postcards, Personalized Thank You notes, create posters with your favorite quotes, make personalized invitation cards for birthdays, house warming and more! Like we said, the possibilities are endless.

Simply upload your favorite photos, select the size you want, decide on a quantity and your order is on its way to getting processed. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to create photo prints out of all those great shots you have stored on your memory card or in your computer before you loose those photos due to technological glitches. A photo print is something you can actually hold onto, hang on your wall, hand to a friend and enjoy all the time, not just when you're online. Best of all, getting your photo prints at Clixicle is even more affordable & easy than you might imagine.

We capture photos of everyday and special moments of our lives to go back and relive those memories for the rest of our lives. Whether you want to adorn that empty wall, create a photo wall, gift your loved ones – our photo frames with the photo prints included give them the special treatment they deserve. We also offer large photo frames which are the best way to add a splash of nostalgia in your home decor elements. Mix and match our frames to create your own special combination of photo walls or get inspired by our pre-packaged photo wall offerings.

Most of our photo frames are made of synthetic wood and are hence light weight to mount on your walls. Your precious photos are covered with acrylic glass – which is long lasting and prevents breakage during transit.

We make it super easy to get the frames & prints, so when you are shopping for photo frames online in India, you should choose to do it from us. So it’s now time to take out the photos from the attic or your computers & display them proudly around your home.