Photo Gallery Wall

An empty wall is like a blank canvas. There are a zillion ways to decorate it and tell a story, but a popular method is creating a gallery wall. We understand that creating an eye-catching picture wall with different sized frames or trying to incorporate your favorite artwork or photo into a wall collage can be extremely overwhelming. Do not worry! We have created some amazing gallery wall inspirations which can guide you create your photo wall.

Some popular techniques & ideas for creating a photo frame gallery wall are:

    • A display of family photos and quotes about family is a classic gallery wall idea that’s always meaningful
    • Create a beautiful gallery display in your master bedroom with black and white prints that celebrate love.
    • Add a beautiful element to your gallery walls by using vintage illustrations
    • To create a unique central piece for your gallery wall, place two photos with similar compositions or colors next to each other.
    • For a modern look, go black and white with your gallery wall.
    • If you’re using pictures with muted colors in your gallery wall, try contrasting them with bold black and brown frames
    • Add some green to your gallery wall by hanging up a few different flowers and plants between your images.
    • For an adorable gallery display, hang up a few pieces of your kids’ artwork, and surround the art with some cute pictures of them.

Clixicle Photo Gallery Walls provide inspiration and ideas to decorate your master bedroom, living room and kids room with your favorite images. Clixicle offers large sized photo frames, shipping across India. Clixicle also offers desk photo frames and canvas frames to complete your frame collection at home. If you are looking for pre-created collages, we also have poster photo collage frames to serve your needs.