Gifts for Dad

Fathers are just as important for child development as mothers. They have huge contribution for the emotional and intellectual growth of children. Their love is more expectant, practical & instrumental than a mother's love.

Fathers have a unique communication style and interaction with their children . This difference provides children with a richer experience of interactions by experience that men and women have different ways of dealing with people & life.

Dads build confidence in children while mothers bring the nurturing. One without the other would risk children from building independence & confidence. Together, they help children remain safe while increasing their confidence.

For someone who has this much contribution in your development, show them that you care - not just on Father’s day but on every day of the year. Buy dad a gift he will cherish for a lifetime.

Here are some of our ideas:

* Bring him a customised mousepad which he can use at work & remember why he puts in the long hours

* Bring him a custom notebook to jot down his innumerable todo’s both at home and work.

* Bring him a pen stand or a photo mug he can use at his desk

* Show him all the special memories from the last holiday in a custom made photobook - just for him

* How about a coaster & drink sticker combo? This is one of our favourites & our customers love it too!