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Desk Calendars

Did you know Clixicle Calendars are not just for the year end? You can start at any month of your choice. Get organised and make your own Photo Calendar that is really personal to you. Quickly and easily upload your favourite photos from the past year or from any occasion, to one of our Photo Calendar Templates. What better way is there to keep organised and enjoy different photos every month than using a Personalised Calendar? A Personalised Photo Calendar is a great gift idea for Diwali, New Year or Christmas too!

If you don’t have any photos to create a Photo Calendar, then just tell us that you do not need customization & we will send your calendar with awesome stock landscape photos. At Clixicle, there’s a range of Personalised Calendar sizes available for your calendar. From desk top to wall calendars, create a calendar in multiple sizes for use at home or at the office.