Back To School

It's that time of the year! Kids are excited to go back to school (and parents are too, we are sure!). We have curated some very cool personalized products that your child can take to school & stand out as well! 

Whether they are looking forward to show off their style via bag badges that can be customized with their favorite comic characters or a notebook made to order with their favorite holiday pictures - we have all that you need to stand out. 

Here are some ideas that your kid can take to school

  • Personalized notebooks are the favor of the season. Put together any favourite cartoon or even photos of their art from last year as a remembrance. This one is a common favorite
  • Custom photo pen stands to put together all those art creators! Kids have a way with being able to collect anything (and everything) and wanting to store them too. These customised pen stands can help show off their collection of pens, pencils, sketch pens and what not!
  • For the young ones, put together a customised memory game with your favourite holiday pictures. They are sure to remember them for years to come!
  • Customised labels are here to stay! Why have the dreary old school book labels when you can personalise your labels with your favourite photos. 
  • For your kids that have just started computer classes are school, how about a custom mousepad with their loved photos of friends?
  • Can there be childhood without piggy banks? Our custom piggy banks make sure every penny counts for your child!

 Back to School also means back to parties. We have a range of return gifts that you can choose from that are customised to your tastes. And we deliver return gifts across India in a short period of time.