What's your magnet story?
Your Stories, In Print - The Clixicle Journal
Photos capture souls. Don't lose those precious photos by leaving them on your camera / phone. Make it real. Get a daily reminder of those happy times with Photo Magnets from Clixicle.

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Our customers surprise us with their use of our Photo Magnets!
Clixicle Photo Magnets are purchased as wedding invitation cards, birthday return  gifts, alumni meet gifts, travel souvenirs, amongst others. What’s your unique use?

Customer Speak
Days that start & end like this are awesome :) 
Very good quality of print and the finished product looks very good. Team Clixicle were very responsive and did a great job. The fridge magnet is a great idea and looks very unique.  
I am so happy to receive a very beautiful and memorable photo as a keepsake. Will highly recommend getting your photos printed by them
~Smita on Amazon