Tips to capture photographs that don’t look staged

OK, so not everybody is a professional photographer but can you blame us if we are always drooling over those beautifully candid photographs? We love capturing real life – unposed, unstaged. We love the beauty in the mundane details of everyday life. So how does one capture daily events like children’s lives or a cup of coffee with friends or just an outing with the family in a natural & authentic way?

Here are some tips to get those natural looking photographs

Think in Stories

Think about why you want to make that photograph. Think about whether you want to tell the story with a single photo or a sequence of photos?
photo story telling

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Take wide shots

The days of the selfies are over. Capture more perspective of the activity within the same photograph. Wide shots also give a perspective of size & scale. See below an example of a narrow shot v/s wide shot - see how the second image gives a lot more context than the first one?
Narrow Shot

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wide shot

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Change the perspective

Think about why a photo needs to only be taken in the generally acceptable view? Experiment with different views; angles to get dramatic effects in your photograph.

low angle shot

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Shoot for yourself, forget aesthetics

Sometimes you don’t have the best lighting or composition or even equipment. Imperfection is OK, forget the aesthetics and capture the memory. It’s the little imperfections we tend to remember the most in life.

Imperfect Photo

So what memory are you going to capture TODAY?