5 Reasons why you need Photo Books today!

We are a generation of clickers. Parents want to snap every little movement, travellers want to show of the places they’ve been, Party goers want to be seen in the next cool place. Everyone has a reason to click!

But, the sad part is – only a few of these survive beyond a few weeks. A number of them will get “deleted” just to make room for more pictures.


Ever struggled with recovering your photos from 10 years ago? Technology has been changing faster than we can cope with it – media we used 10 years ago is probably not even relevant anymore. So what happens to the memories that we stored in the media?

Photobook Album
Photo Books help create an easy way to journal your images in print and nothing can take those away from you.


Photo books help you tell an old story in a new way – start from the beginning or the end, show nostalgia, love, laugh, tears all in the realm of a book.


Let’s face it. There is real joy in flipping through a real book. It's never really a memory till it's held between the fingers.


We’ve all had that moment where we found that old childhood photo which we thought was lost but was actually hidden amidst all the new stuff we’ve acquired over the years. Remember that feeling of nostalgia? Now are you sure you don’t want to feel the same years down the line when you actually see your current photos? Thank me later :)


And the best part, Photo Books are super easy to create and cheaper than photo prints themselves !! 

So what’s your reason for not printing your next <a href="http://clixicle.com/photo-books">photo book</a>?