How to Organise Your Phone Photos!

Do you know who is the largest distributor of cameras in the world? No, it’s not Canon or Nikon. It’s Samsung - which has the biggest market share of mobile phones! (Source: IDC 2016 Q3). Because of its convenience, we are all guilty of snapping tendencies. A selfie here, a selfie there, photographing friends, photos of food, photos for Instagram, photos for personal consumption and what not. After all this, we realize (rather painfully) we are left with an overflowing camera roll with TONS of unwanted and unclassified photos.  Of course, we all want to document our lives – because a life well documented is a life well lived, RIGHT? But what happens when this documentation leaves us feeling overwhelmed?

We have you covered! We scouted through the internet to find best practices followed by tons of photographers (it’s their job to be overwhelmed, remember :) ). Here are some of the top tips for you:

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If you are a parent (and especially a new parent), you know it’s never easy to get a perfect shot of the baby. So, what do we do? We take tons of shots hoping (sometimes praying) that we get the one photo we can retain. Most often, we just leave it in there in the phone to clean it up later. But the best thing to do is to pick you favourites right away and delete the images that are not up to the mark - blurred (most of them!), with closed eyes (duh!), bad angle and so on. How does this help? Since you are cleaning up right away, when you want to share or print your photos, you have to narrow down from your favourites rather than go through hundreds of them – which can be overwhelming if you have photos from multiple days / months to scan through.

If you spend time with tons of different people regularly, you may have a mix bag of photos on your phone – some with parents, some with friends from school, some with friends from work, some with friends from gym class, some with your spouse, some of your children. Of course, all of these memories are precious, but can you even imagine the horror of trying to find something for your mom out of thousands of photos?

One of the best organizing techniques we use (although not enough) is to create albums based on the date, year & occasion – so going back to the right set of pictures which are meaningful at that time is so easy. As soon as the photos are taken, the photos need to go into their corresponding album. Good bye procrastination, you have no room here.

Either if you want to peruse through your photos or print them to get photo gifts or photobooks out of them, picking the right photos is so easy. You just have to find the right album! And since we always believe that gifts that are personal are the best gifts, this is a good way to select the photos that you need for your photo gift, rather than taking new photos or finding a needle in the haystack of photos.

Did you know the average rate of change of a phone is 2 years? This is wilfully changing the phone. More often than not, we either damage / loose our phones in this period as well. So, what happens to the tons of photos that you have collected on your phone? I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of losing your precious photos and memories! So, there are two things you can do. Backup and/or Print!

Some of our favourite apps to backup photos are:

  1. If you are an iPhone user, the iCloud Backup & Sharing is ideal for you. It non-intrusively backs up your photographs and you can ALWAYS find them on your iCloud account even if you lose your phone. Whew! That’s a relief.
  2. If you are an Android User, you can sync your photos to you Google Drive just as easily. You can also backup to Google Photos – which can then be a one stop shop for storing & performing basic editing on your photos via the Picasa App.

photo collage

Creating collages of your photos is another awesome way to store your photos. It is easy on the eyes and less straining – as you now can share/print one photo instead of more. Our favourite collage making app is the PicCollage – available for both Android & iPhone. This is also a good way for you to collate your photos together for your photobook.

And then we come to our favourite!


Clixicle Customer Review

Image Source: Ajay Kumar Singh on Clixicle Facebook Page

Can you remember when was the last time you went back and viewed your photos from your last holiday (if you were even able to find them in your disorganized mess!). Printing photos and creating photobooks is now super easy – thanks to Clixicle. Make it a habit. Do one for birthdays, major life milestones (or even small ones), holidays, weddings, engagement, honeymoon, what have you. Any occasion is a good occasion to preserve. You get tangible memories and you can rest easy at night knowing that your photos exist, in real life, and not in a hard drive which can crash without forewarning!

To Summarize:

  1. Scan through the photos right away (or on the same day) to keep your scan set minimum
  2. Delete the ones that are not right – bad angle, bad lighting, blurred, etc.
  3. Use the favourites feature of your phone to mark the ones that best capture the moment that you may want to save for future
  4. Use albums to categorize your photos based on date, year & occasion. Again, point a is applicable here – action the photos right after they are taken
  5. Backup Backup Backup – we cannot emphasize this enough, because hey! Lost photos are just not worth the lethargy!
  6. Create collages – why? Cos’ they are fun & easy on the eyes
  7. Make it a habit to print your photos, cos’ you never know when technology gives way.