Photobook Building 101 – From phone / camera to Photo Book with ease
Whether it is a special holiday or a birthday celebration, we are strong believers of telling your stories in print. In our experience in creating photobooks, we have identified some of the key issues our customers face. Instead of getting side tracked by the technicalities and hence procrastinating, we are here to help you create a photobook to document your most beautiful and even every day stories.
Here are our top tips on getting your photo from your camera onto real life.
Take some time to think of what you would like to put together in a photobook. Some ideas from our customers are:
A year book – capture all the key events of the year in a single book
A vacation book
Journey till date – generally done by couples just getting married OR for young kids
A special occasion – like a wedding anniversary, birthday
    Your occasion will drive the theme and the photos that you will select for the photobook
    photobook photo book
     Once you have selected the occasion, you would want to pick a them. We have tons of themes for photobooks at Clixicle. If you would like to go for the classics – we have those too with minimal embellishments, in black and white.
    Our recommendation – if you are building a series, we recommend picking the classics in black and white, especially in hard bound. These are keepers, guaranteed to last you for tens of years.
    We’ve seen that this is one of the biggest bottlenecks for our customers. We are so trigger happy that we have hundreds of photos with minor differences in them. If you are having trouble organizing your photos, you may want to look at this article on organizing your phone photos.
    Once we have the day to day organization task out of the way, let’s get to choosing the photos for the photobook. Take some time to walk through your photos for the selected occasion.
     photobook select phone photos
    Think about your photobook in parts. For example, if you are building a book for your child, build it month wise / year wise – based on the time period. Or if you are documenting your journey as a couple, think about it in phases – dating, before engagement, engagement, post engagement etc.
    While picking the photos, make sure to check the blur, grains and brightness of each photo. If your photos look blurred on screen, they will look blurred in print. If they have grains on the phone, it will look worse on print. And if it is dark on screen, it will look dark on print too. Make sure you pick photos with the best quality and resolution.
    Quick tip: To check if the resolution is OK (without getting into the technicalities), zoom into the photo a couple of times. If it continues to look clear, it is good for print.
    Best quality prints are from best resolution photos. We recommend that you upload your photos to a file sharing site like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive / WeTransfer.
    file sharing
    Sequencing your photos – if all your photos are from the same source (e.g., one phone / one camera), then the numbering will automatically be in sequence (in most cases). However, if you are collating your photos from a number of sources and need the final photobook in a specific sequence, we recommend renaming the files in sequence before uploading (or even after uploading if you are using Dropbox or Google Drive)
    Selecting cover page photos – your Clixicle photobooks can accommodate as many photos in the cover page as shown on the theme. Make sure you rename the files as cover as well.
    PS: Cannot upload photos? Just share it to us by email once you place the order, no issues.
    Now you have everything in place. You have selected your photos for the photo book, you have selected your theme, all you have to do is place your order! Head over to, find the theme you selected, paste the link from the file sharing link, provide a title in the comments field.
    Once you place your order, that’s it. We will build you your photobook, share a preview of the photobook before printing. Once you approve, we will proceed for printing and shipping.
    We do receive a few questions from customers regarding our photobook creation process. Here are some top ones:
    Don’t you have an editor where I can create / edit / preview my own photobook?
    We have made it easier for you! We will create, edit & share preview of the photobook for you. All you need to do is review & approve. Why do we do it this way? We would like to make it as easy as possible for you. No hassles of self creation.
    Can you add any embellishments?
    Since we are making it super easy for you to create your photobooks, we do not add custom embellishments at this point in time. But hey, our templates already have embellishments that you need based on the theme you select.  
    Can you create collages per page of the photobook?
    No, we don’t create the collages. However, if you send us the collage, we will definitely use it!
    My desired theme is not available, can you create a custom theme for me?
    We try to please! Do write to us at and we will see what we can do.
    Hard cover or soft cover – what is the difference?
    A hard cover photobook has a binding like a hard bound novel. It is the best offering in photobooks that we offer. The sizes are larger, it can accommodate more photos.
    A soft cover photobook is like a paperback novel. If you are new to photobooks, this is a great place to start. You can get a feel of the quality and size. These are smaller in size and have a limitation in the number of pages. Ideally 1 photo per page option looks best for the soft cover photobook option.