5 Creative Ways to Transform Any Room With Photo Frames

The effort you put into the details transform your home from drab to fab in no time. But do you really need all those expensive décor items? Do you always wonder how you can transform your space without being too heavy on the pocket?

We are a generation taking 1000s of photos every year, now use those photos to add that personal touch to your home. Make your personality shine through every wall and corner of your home. A gallery wall helps you do just that!

Below are 5 inspiring ideas to create an awesome looking photo gallery wall

Photo Gallery Wall Similar Images
Image Source: Decor Pad


Use a number of similar photo prints from the same artist to create a cohesive look for your walls about a central furniture element like the console / table / bed.

Photo Frame Color Background
Image Source: Martha Stewart
Who says only the <a href="http://clixicle.com/framed-prints">photo frames</a> need to be colored. Create a completely new look by keeping the border around your photo print to colored while your photo frame itself is monochromatic. Add extra drama by leaving the photo print as well in monochrome.

Stacked Photo Frames
Image Source: House Decor Pins

No, you don’t always need to wall mount your large photo frames. Stack up the photo frames together on wall shelves or wall backed table to instantly brighten up that empty table / shelf top.

Canvas Prints & Frames
Image Source: Guiding Home
We are in love and awe of black and white photo prints. And when those photo prints come on canvas, it creates that extra little bit of timeless feel to it. Create a personal art gallery full of your favourite photos on canvas.

Photo Clock Frame
Image Source: Uppercase Living

Still looking for that eclectic clock for your home? Why not create one with your own family photographs. Here’s a simple décor DIY for you – buy a simple clock, arrange your family photo frames along the numbers; voila – instantly brighten up that wall. Now you can literally turn back time every time you look at it.

Which one of these photo wall ideas are you going to try today?