Perfect Gifts for your Sister

Sisters are the best. They are our first friends & our first competition. We squabble, we fight, we argue – but they are the best gift given to us by our parents (agree right??). We’ll always fight, but we’ll make up as well. Once grown up, we have the strongest relationship with our sisters.

Whether it is for Raksha Bandhan or her birthday or just because you want to say you care, we have the best ideas for personalized gifts for you for your sister.

All of our Raksha Bandhan Gifts are collated here

#1 Polaroid Style Photo Prints

Which lady does not love having her pictures taken? We sure do :) Our Polaroid style prints give the best vintage feel to your pictures. How about collecting all of your childhood photos and gifting your sister a pack of these Polaroid Style Prints?

#2 Self Publish your Postcards

Raksha Bandhan Gift

Does your sister stay far far away? Why wait for some generic boring postcards when you can send your sister your best memories from your location in custom made postcards. Just share your photos with us & we create your own customized postcards. #postcards #postcardaday

#3 Cute as a button mini magnets

Gift your sister cute little magnets just as cute as her. These small button style magnets come in a set of six and are our current best sellers

#4 Penny for her thoughts Notebooks

Raksha Bandhan Gift

Your sister a nerd, just like us?  We have some really cool stationery gifts that can be customized to your taste. A great combo of cool and edgy, try out the custom notebooks we have in a variety of templates. A penny for her thoughts maybe?

#5 Mousepad for the little mouse

Complement the notebook gift from the previous point with a classy mousepad which is not made with rubber but with cork sheet. How about that?

#6 For the love of writing Pen Stand

Still not satisfied with our nerdy gifts? Here is one more. A custom made pen stand! Did you know research shows that the love for writing is now coming back? We love writing and using physical products over note making on our mobile phones. What about you?

#7 Kitchen Planners

Rakhi Gifts for Sister

Planners are not just for the office. We have photo planners for the kitchen as well! Now plan your week’s tasks, your weekly menu and have them right where you can see them – in the kitchen.

#8 Out with the boring, in with the postit magnets

Why use boring post-its when you can combine them with photos or quotes of your choice – right where you need them – in the kitchen!

#9 Brighten up that morning cuppa with coffee mugs

A photo coffee mug is never out of style. But we make it a bit more interesting for you with a range of different styles of coffee mugs. Our frosted coffee mug come with a cool pencil sketch of your photograph. Our regular photo coffee mugs come with a range of classic templates which make mug gifting very very easy.

#10 Fun sibling activity Jigsaw Puzzles

Does your sister love board games?? Our customized jigsaw puzzles are really loved by our customers. Give a single image or a collage of images. It is a great gift for your special sister.

#11 One for the walls Photo Frames

Rakhi Gifts

Friends form a big part of your sister’s life. We have a range of collage poster options which you can use to put together some of the best moments she has shared with her friends. You can also put together a canvas print – giving art like finish to her photographs. What is the use of all the WhatsApp photos she has shared with you of her memories if you can’t put them to use

#12 Your own personal magazine Photobooks

Our photobooks are greatly loved by our customers. Some ideas for themes for your photobooks are –

  • Create a photobook with one photo for every year she’s been with you.
  • A photobook of your last family holiday
  • If your sister is married, a photobook of just the special memories she shared with you on her wedding day. We are sure there will be tons!

#13 When one card is just not enough Photo Greeting Cards

When you are finding it difficult to find words to express your feelings, we’ve made special photo cards for you to gift your sister. These cards contain special messages which express love between siblings and are sure to please her.

#14 Nameplates for the new home 

Did you sister just get a new home? How about some custom modern name plates to brighten up the entrance to her new home. Please your brother in law too in the process ;)

#15 No kidding - year round calendars

Raksha Bandhan Gifts

Did you know our calendars are round the year? We also have a 31 day flip calendar – which is not specific for any particular year. Just like your sister is there for your round the year, our calendars can be created round the year (or month too!)

If you are looking for gifts specifically for Raksha Bandhan, just a gentle reminder that you do not make your sister in law or sisters from other mothers feel left out in the Rakhi frenzy. Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to celebrate the love towards your sisters (or like Sisters) and we make sure that you have the ideal gifts to brighten up the occasion.

Want something more? Let us know! By now you probably know how quick we are in bringing together creative products for you.