Newborn Baby Photography Ideas At Home
Cute little faces, precious feet, tiny little hands & baby wrinkles! Is there anything more precious than a new born baby? We think not!
That’s why, we bring to you tons of ideas to savor those precious new born phase of your baby. Who needs seasoned photographers when you can recreate the same on your own! If you are someone who just loves clicking pictures of your own baby (who doesn’t J), we have come up with the perfect tips from around the world JUST FOR YOU.
Get ready for a serious overload of cuteness
Black and white photos
Black and white photos have their own charm. While in color, you focus on the various hues in the image, black and white photographs help you focus on the details - we are more drawn to the shape, texture of hair, length of the fingers, toe nails and so on. Eliminating color creates a different aura around an image, one that adds its own unique appeal. Black and white photos are classic and here to stay!

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So how do you convert your photos to black and white photos? We give you 3 basic approaches:
  1. If you are using an android phone – Open your selected photo in Google Photos, click the “Edit” button (icon with pencil), Select the black and white filter & apply
  2. If you are using an iPhone – Select the photo, click the "Edit" button and then select the Filters button (icon with three circles). You can then choose from the filters to find the black and white filter. Then click apply.
  3. On the desktop, you can use Picasa – which is a brilliant tool for basic image processing
Use Props With Style
    You can use a ton of household items as props without spending a BOMB on the photography. We’ll probably have a different blog with the details but here are some of the easy low hanging fruits you can start with rightaway.
    1. For the background, use a shaggy carpet or blanket. If you can’t lay your hands on it, use a lovely bed spread or even a fancy dupatta that you have.
    2. Throws can be used as body wraps for kids. Wrap around the baby to give them warmth. This setup also gives a perspective of how tiny the baby really is!
     Props for New Born Photography At Home
    3. Basket or crate with a carpet or blanket makes a lovely prop to place the baby in. Again it gives a lovely perspective of how small the baby is.
    Basket as a prop for new born baby photoImage Source:
    4. Hats are smart for adults and really really cute for babies. Place the baby in a hat to get a unique angle.
    5. Books bring a great perspective of size as well. We love how Suryakant has put together this picture!
    books as props
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    6. Stuffed animals are a kids best friend. Take a photo with one or many stuffed animals. After all they are the same size at this age!
    7. Use your jewelry. The ring on the toes or the chain on the head make great props for the baby
    Necklace Image Source:
    Bring the siblings into the picture!
    Oh we love the way sibling photos look. Bring in the new born into a daily activity of the older sibling and look at the magic! It’s amazingly alluring to see.
     Siblings Photos
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    Focus the features, not just the face
    Babies grow up way too fast! And we very quickly loose those tiny little feet and hands. Take time to photograph just the arms and feet and look at the magic that happens. These photos also look awesome in black and white
    Family pictures
    In the hustle and bustle of a new born, we very quickly forget the family as a whole. Make sure you get in pictures with the entire family (AND NOT JUST SELFIES). We like to emphasize this again because this moment is going to be lost in no time. If you can have somebody take a picture of the whole family, nothing like it. If you have a camera (not necessarily a DSLR), use the self timer mode to get in a picture. Do anything. Get that picture in.
    Bring in the family
    The joy in photos with babies are like no other. Bring in the parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts into the picture. This creates an instant bond for the extended family with the baby and vice versa. You want to set that up for your baby, don’t you?
    Brings the moms into the picture
    Moms are always the ones who are clicking and left out of the photos. Do them a favor. Bring them into the picture. The bond that a mom shares with her baby is equal to none. And those moments need to be captured and cherished.
    mom back in the photo
    Show some PDA
    Who doesn’t love kissing a chewy mooy newborn?! Be sure to take some precious pictures of the family giving their baby sweet kisses! Its your baby! It’s totally OK to show some PDA in photos.
    In the crib
    New borns spend 16-17 hours a day sleeping (wow, what a life!). Take photos of the newborn in the crib / on the bed – wherever they are spending most of their time.
    Plan a monthly
    It’s a great idea to also make a plan to capture the monthly size, behavior and likes / dislikes – make the plan up ahead so that you can put together the poses and text up front to make sure that  you capture the photos in the right angle.
     monthly baby photos
    If you would like professional help with the photography, here are some of the Top 5 baby photographers in Bangalore that we totally love:
    1. We love the various angles and visual story telling that Parul & Ankur bring about in their photographs
     baby photographer in Bangalore India
    2. Prasad’s facebook following and reviews speak tons for his work. We love what he has done with kids – especially infants photography.
      baby photographer in Bangalore IndiaImage source:
      3. Love love love the photos that we see on Photo Kraft’s page. We spoke about photographing features of the baby & we love what they have done.
       baby photographer in Bangalore India
      Image source:
      4. Like the name suggests, Pink Toes Photography captures the lovely features of the baby beautifully.
       top baby photographer in Bangalore India
      5. Priyanka Das beautifully uses every day objects to recreate a fantasy world for the baby. We love how it turns out.
      top baby photographer in Bangalore India
      All of these photographs are of no use if you don’t cherish them regularly. Clixicle can help create memorable photobooks which can aid in recollecting the best days of your life, every day!