Do you have a fetish for fridge magnets?

Here's a secret - we have a whimsical fetish for Fridge Magnets. Whether it is our own photos or our TODO lists or just our daily dose of inspiration. We love putting it together & showcasing it!

Our customers totally inspire us. While we cannot share actual images from our customers due to privacy reasons, here are some cool customer requests for fridge magnets that have totally blown us off. And guess what, we do fulfill these too!

Chalkboard Poster Magnet

Describe your favorite person, their likes, dislikes etc all in one single magnet. We loved this idea!

Chalkboard Magnet
Image Source: Etsy

Save The Date Magnets

Whether its your wedding / anniversary / kid's birthday - get a fridge magnet to mark that special occasion

Save the Date Magnet

Image Source: Etsy

Workout Inspiration!

We love this one - get your favorite quote / resolutions printed and get a daily reminder - lest you forget!

Workout Inspiration Quotes

Image Source: Shape Magazine

Our fridge magnet tech is so cool that it almost looks like paper. So what fridge magnets are you going to get today?