Corporate Gift Ideas in India

Your company’s success purely depends on the performance of your employees. Most employees buckle down to achieve the targets, burn the midnight oil for the betterment of the company. For all that they do, they deserve an appreciation and who does not like gifts when they least expect it :)

Clixicle helps you bring in some innovation to your gifts, rather than the same old same old (which we also offer by the way :))

How about some coasters for your coffee mug? 

Add motivational quotes, your appreciation OR even just your corporate branding to these fun coasters from Clixicle. Now your coffee mugs will have a firm base - just like your employees to your organization

personalized coasters
Let them carry your appreciation

Run a fun competition amongst your employees for who has the maximum appreciation badges! It's like going back to school with all those gold stars!

Personalized badges

Here's something for the "After Hours"

Why only focus on the time your employees spend at work. How about something for the after hours? This frosted Beer Mug is ideal for such purposes!

beer mug personalized

Reach out to if you are interested in any of these corporate gifts!