Tips for creating an awesome photo collage poster

One photo is never enough to tell the picture stories that you’d like to tell. And hence, a photo collage or storyboard is a fantastic way to display tell a story through your photographs. No wonder they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

We have a number of photo collage poster options on Here are a few tips for selecting photos from your photo pile to make them shine.


When selecting your photos for a specific collage template, always consider the shape of the photos in the template & determine whether any part of your image will be cut off when your photo is placed in the collage. Let’s say your collage template has a square photo. Your original photo may be landscape or portrait. Here are some examples of photos that work and do not work.

The below photo is not OK if the collage requires the photo to be cropped to square.

photo cropping not ok

The below photo is partially OK. Some salient contents of the image will be lost when cropping to square

Photo Cropping Partially OK

See how some parts of the body are cropped out in the above? Ideally, for a square crop, the main parts (in this case people) should be clustered together - as shown below.

crop OK


Visualize how the photos are going to look together, and ensure that the colours complement each other. Photos with a selected colour tone like black and white or sepia look great on a photo collage. You can also select photos that have been clicked in similar outfits or similar light conditions to get the same colour tone effect.

collage similar tone


In addition to colour complements, one other trick is to use a set of similar image types. For example, a sequence of photos of family time or a set of different expressions, or photos taken during the same photo shoot. If you like to see progress, for example during a child’s growth phase, use photographs from the set setup taken over different periods of time to give a more dramatic effect.

similar event collage

What are your tricks for getting an awesome photo collage poster?