Canvas Prints or Photo Frames: What should you go for?
Time and again, we've been asked this question by customers about what they should go for? Its a personal choice really. We at Clixicle offer both options for our customers.

Canvas Frame

Benefits of Canvas:
  • Really large sizing options can be available - which makes it an ideal pick for large wall decor needs
  • Has the look and feel of a painting - so helps create your own personal art gallery
Disadvantages of Canvas:
  • Details from the images are lost due to the textured surface
  • Is a dust magnet - very difficult to clean as well. The dust disadvantage of canvases can be overcome these days by using photo frames for canvas prints as well.

Photo Frames Square

Benefits of Photo Prints with Photo Frames:

  • Photo Prints are sharper & give more accurate colors
  • Variety of frame options are available

Disadvantages of Photo Print with Photo Frames:

  • Limitation on the size of the photo print & frames

At the end of it, each one to their own. Canvas prints are in vogue these days - with everyone wanting to create their own photo / art gallery at home. What's your preference?