Birthday Party Planning – decorations, supplies, return gifts & more
Do you remember your birthday parties from your childhood? More than likely they were simple affairs with cake, ice cream and classic games like “pin the tail on the donkey” and lots of family and friends. All parents had to do was to arrange for a cake, some awesome food and invite a few close relatives and friends.

Today such a low-key party is not the norm at all. In the generation of YOLO, many families opt for extravagant events, outdoing the previous parties like no other. And hence, organizing a birthday party for kids has become a hard task job – as you need tons of inspiration and info on where to get the supplies from!

For all you young parents out there, here are some ideas, tips and tricks to make sure your party planning and your child’s birthday is the talk of the town.

Let’s begin step by step:

Make a checklist

We cannot emphasize enough on the need for checklists! It’s important to have clarity in terms of the idea, budget, guest list and so on – so that you don’t go over board on any of these (as an aside, you know you can get notebooks from Clixicle to make these checklists, Right? Right?)

So starting from the top – what are the things you would want to cover?

  • Choose the birthday party theme
  • Decide the time, date and venue
  • Finalize the guest list & send out invitations
  • Pick a caterer & decide the menu
  • Find party supplies and party favours for your theme
  • Find a caterer for the cake based on your theme
  • Games for kids
  • Return Gifts!

Birthday Party Ideas, Party Supplies & Party Favours!

Once you get the checklist done the item that tops the, “to do list” is the theme. Every other activity is linked with this. Many young parents feel more comfortable starting with a theme that is already available in the market – so that they organize invitations, decorations, games and food based on this. However, it is best for both you and your child if the theme reflects the child’s interests — whether it's a sports theme, a fairy tail party, a super hero theme etc

So here are some of the top 5 ideas for birthday parties in 2017 for girls and boys:                                                                                

For Girls For Boys
Princess Dinosaurs
Frozen Lego
Wonder Woman Cars
Dora Super Heroes
Alice in Wonderland Trains

    Now your imagination is the limit in terms of what you would like to do for each of these themes.

    Birthday Posters

    Once your theme is finalised, you need the right party supplies for it! What’s the fun if everything is just generic. For birthday party decorations with posters, banners, birthday props – it has to be Clixicle :) We have a range of photos, posters, banners that can be used not just for the party for after the party as well! Each of these can be personalised with the party theme as well as your child’s photograph – thereby making it super unique.

    If non personalised party supplies is your thing, we have seen that has a range of theme based creations as well.

    If there is something you cannot find, reach out to us & we will create it for you.


    When should you invite your guests? If you invite too early, your guests might forget and if you invite too late, your guests may already have made other plans for that date and time. An ideal time for inviting is about 1 week prior to the event.

    If you are the type who would like to make it more interesting, you can create printed guest invitation cards with the theme, date, time, venue and other specific information such as bring an extra pair of clothes or parents invited too. You can get these printed invitations from Clixicle via our Classic Prints section. It can be of a variety of shapes & sizes based on your convenience. If you want it to be more fun, create a custom fridge magnet as an invite. Some of our customers have done this, really!

    Return Gifts For Kids Birthday Party

    A return gift is a remembrance of the event that goes beyond that special day. If you really want to stand out, you HAVE to customize your return gifts. Plan for it, last minute work doesn’t make a great party! Here are some return gift ideas from Clixicle that would be so much fun for your guests. And we are not kidding, we have customers who have used this in their parties & have told us it was wonderfully received.

    Return Gifts India

    Return Gift Ideas Under Rs. 200 in India

    • Fridge Magnets – This takes some time and effort if you want to personalise for every guest. We had customers use individual photos of the guests or the fun moments shared between the guest & their child in the photo. This one definitely creates a souvenir to cherish.
    • Notebooks – Kids love to scribble – especially at this age. Capture all those scribbles for your eternity with our personalized notebooks. Add a photograph of the child and their parents or the child with their siblings to make it really personal.
    • Badges – Make customised bag badges for every single child – with a favorite photo or even a fun superhero image.
    • Games – We have some fun educational games – memory games, flash cards. Add the photos of your kids best friends to create an awesome customised game that they can cherish for the future.
    • School Labels – Are you throwing a party for kids from school? Get a lovely personalised label with the name & photograph of the kid – sure to make the school year a lot more fun!

    Other Return Gift Ideas

    • Piggy Bank – Catch them young. Teach children the value of money. What better way than to have a fun and colourful personalised piggy bank.
    • Pen Stand – Again a personalised pen stand makes it more fun than a generic stock pen stand, Right?

    So what is stopping you from throwing an awesome party? Tell us if we are missing anything fun!