3 Creative ways to use your photo prints

Yeah yeah we've heard it, who prints photos anymore? Says a person who has never lost their photos to a disk crash ;)

This article is totally apt.

Anyway, that's not what we want to write about in this post. We've seen very creative uses of prints from our customers & on the internet that we thought we should share some inspiration with you!

#1. Photo Gift Tags

Gift tags with a mickey mouse pic is passe ;) Show your style through customized gift tags

Photo Gift Tags

Image Source: Lizmarieblog.com

#2 Photo Book Marks

Transcend yourself into a different location not just through the narration but through the bookmark too!

Photo Bookmark

Image Source: Clixicle on Instagram

#3 Thank You Cards

Get rid of the blah cards & give a personal touch to your Thank You cards with completely customized photos!

Photo thank you cards
Image Source: Etsy

What's your printspiration?