Payments, Shipping & Returns

Payments: Clixicle offers online payment options to Customers on the Website:

Refunds: Any refunds due by Clixicle to Customers for non-availability of products or for selection of alternate products shall be made in the following manners:

Returns & Replacements: Clixicle accepts returns or replacements under the below conditions:

To return a product, send an email to or call our customer support number to initiate a return. Clixicle will refund your order amount based on the refunds policy highlighted in this document.

Shipping Policy:
Shipping is based on the weight of the products purchased. Clixicle charges Rs. 50 for every kilogram (kg) of shipment, with a minimum of Rs. 50 upto the first kilogram (kg).
After your item has been packaged, it will be shipped via a courier company by Clixicle.

Usage of Promotions: Promotions are subject to the below conditions

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